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NUEVAERA is the first shipyard in the Cuenca del Plata to build polyethylene boats (HDPE) Military and Professional Rank Certificates, to resist the difficult marine environment and navigate in sewage, without fear of any type of impact the hull may suffer. We manufacture your boat based on your special needs and requirements.


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An HDPE work boat is made of a multi-benefit material. The mass density of the HDPE material is between 0.94 and 0.97 g / cm³. This is a low density value, which makes the boat lighter than water. With this data, it is possible to have a greater load capacity and stability while sailing.

Being insensitive to shocks, HDPE is a reliable material for rocky shores. Being soft and resistant, the material absorbs any impact generated while guarantees that the boat is not broken or damaged. Return to its original form after impact, automatically dissolving any dent.

Sea salt and moisture affects Iron, Steel, Aluminum and GRP, which leads to corrosion and degradation thereof; but NOT to Polyethylene; HDPE is a perfect material to manufacture all kinds of floating elements. It is not subject to the effects of the environment, so it is considered “zero” maintenance. We can say that HDPE is an age-resistant material and you have an investment for life.

Although situations that require repairs rarely occur with HDPE vessels, there are many materials available to perform the repair work. Most companies that work with plastics can repair the boat without so much cost. DIY methods can also be used as a welding kit.

Conventional materials are affected by marine growth, the HDPE helmet does not require anti-fouling and will never have to deal with these problems or with the background measurements. The helmet is clean and smooth; maintaining its initial characteristic and also does not introduce toxic pollution to the environment. You will always find a smooth and fast surface to get the best boost.

In the construction of traditional boats, molds are required to shape the hull and in other cases such as tires, they do not allow any adjustment. Our HDPE boats are built 100% by hand, providing great design flexibility to adapt the exact shape to your needs. This also includes the installation of equipment, such as seats and storage, all made to measure.

If you work with chemicals or fuels on board the ship, do not worry about corrosion or discoloration. Very few are the chemicals, which can affect HDPE. It does not need preventive or residual maintenance.

Since the material is less dense than water tends to float, which makes the boat move better while sailing and offering less resistance, therefore lower resistance to lower consumption.

The stones or sharp rocks are usually a difficulty for almost all types of boats, however with the HDPE, this is something to not worry about, since the material offers high tensile strength. Crashing into sharp rocks will not distort the shape of the boat, nor tear some of its parts. Its viscous and elastic properties protect the helmet from deformation and cracking. It is not only hard, but also flexible. These characteristics make the boats ideal for operating in dark waters, where it is difficult to foresee floating elements or other harmful objects in normal navigation.

Aluminum boats (or other materials) have a limited shelf life and are not easy to recycle. The deterioration of the metal parts will make the aluminum a scrap that cannot be revived for later use. The HDPE, however, can be melted and recycled or disposed of, will have served for many years and will probably still be noble enough to transform it into another useful piece.